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I never got to say “GOOD-BYE”

In the hurry of life we don’t always say what we mean or remember what really matters. In a moment, everything can change. The precious gift of life is gone and we are left holding grief, sadness, guilt, maybe even anger. Many feel cheated , that they did not get to say good-bye to their loved one.

Life is eternal. It has no beginning or end.

Please refer to the article What happens when we die ? It explains how life is eternal.

When we transition (die) there is no longer any pain, judgement or fear. There is only LOVE. The love you experience is beyond anything I have found in this world. There is joy, some would even call it bliss. The people we love never go away. Silently they watch over us.

My of my clients have told me that they can feel their loved one brushing their cheek, kissing their lips, touching their shoulder. They can see them sitting in their favourite chair or even standing in the garden. They tell me about a dream that seemed so real.

My clients have come to me holding great grief, feeling as if their imagination was running wild or thought they were going mad because they could sense and feel their loved one close by. It can’t be real they say.

You are not mad, they are right beside you and come in a way to not shock you. If they were to suddenly appear you would be scared, instead they communicate with us in more gentle way. What you are experiencing is REAL. Everytime you think of a loved one or hear their favourite song they are right beside you ! Just because we have not been taught this, it does not mean it doesn’t exist. This is REAL. This is when you can “talk” to them. Your feelings or your first thought is them communicating to you. It is never too late to say I love you, I am sorry, I miss you. Love is eternal. In this place there is no pain, sorrow or judgement. Only LOVE.

Heaven is real. (Name of a movie) Let the part of you that is human cry and morn your loved one but know in your heart that love lives on and you can never be apart. There is no need for good byes only til we meet again. I hope this helps bring you comfort. If only you knew who walked beside you, you would never feel alone.

Love and blessings to you



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