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What happens when we die?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Warning: This article deals with death and may be shocking for some to read.

This is a question, I am often asked, when people experience the death of a loved one. This is based on my experience and I have been witness to transition, (dying) most of my life being born with the gift of Mediumship. Also, many Mediums have seen the same thing. This means there must be some truth, in what I am about to share, given that the vision is always the same.

It has been proven, by science that we are made up of energy. This energy may be referred to as the Soul. Our body is a vehicle for our Soul to experience this physical reality. To explain this further, if we want to go for a drive let’s say, the car takes us there. The car is symbolic of our body. The person stepping into the car is symbolic of thought and emotion, the part of us who knows how to get there is the Soul. Einstein is quoted as saying “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it.” We are in fact eternal beings with no beginning and no end. What we experience now, this moment, is a small piece of who we are. Another word for the soul is love. We are told that we live and then we die. This is the greatest illusion of this reality. Our physical body dies. Our Soul, the part of us that is love, is eternal. It lives forever. I know this may be difficult for some to comprehend, for it is not what we are taught, regardless, there are many things in our world that we still do not understand. I hope this is of comfort to those grieving a loved one.

So, what happens when we die?

This is depended on the life we lived and how we die. Is the white light true.? Yes but not always immediately. The White Light is a place of pure love. Unlike anything I have experienced on this Earth. This next part might be shocking so I am warning you.

Violent death or accident

When someone dies like this, it is a shock to the whole being. They are in a place where they constantly re live the emotions of the last moments. It is like a circle that goes round and round. They are NOT in physical pain. Your thoughts here are the same. You are in shock. Stricken by grief, you recall being told the news, asking why, filled with disbelief, maybe guilt, you questioned how this could have been prevented. You may feel numb. This is when your loved one needs YOU. Part of the pain you are feeling is their pain. This is how you can help them.


Just for a moment be still. Breathing deeply in and out. Remember your loved one in a happy time. Say to yourself …. This tragic event actually happened. Breathe. You are safe now … It is ok to go. Do not resist saying this. It is what is needed for the pain to stop. Yes there is grief but not pain. Your loved one IS safe now. No harm can come to them. You are saying its ok to go, allows them to continue their healing journey and leave the shocking cycle. A feeling of peace will come over you. Your love has set them free. The light can enter now.

Be very gentle with yourself and please seek professional support if you are not coping.

After illness

Some souls go to the halls of healing. Surrounded be loved ones who have already passed and healing Angels, they are able to heal their being. It is a very special place filled with so much love.


Some souls return to a happy time when they were carefree. Usually a beautiful open space / garden filled with so much love and peace. Something symbolic to them. They are in this place watching over their grieving loved ones. Usually until whatever needs to be resolved with the family has taken place. When the people left behind accept the loved ones passing, the Light can enter.

However, your loved one transitions (dies), know that they will never leave you. (I wrote an article about this) Loved ones have always presented peaceful to me. Even if there was an argument before they transitioned, now they come in love because they can now see all sides of the story. I cannot describe in words the beauty I have experienced being a Medium because it is not of this world, so there are no words but I can tell you that the light envelops me and the feeling of love, peace, joy is heightened beyond belief.

For you dear Soul

Please honour your grieving process. Do not hurry the process of healing. Cry, rest, eat well, get professional support if you are not coping. Remember your loved ones in happy times for this is their greatest wish. Let their love live through you now by finding your joy again. Life is so precious and can be gone in a moment. Love heals all. Love is all there is.

I hope this has bought you some comfort today.


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